Barrowed Undies

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Griffin Barrows
Johnny Torque
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Dont you hate running out of clean underwear! Johnny Torque sure does, but at least hes thought of a remedy. His stepbrother, Griffin Barrows, still hasnt returned home from the gym and Griffin ALWAYS has fresh pairs! Johnny quickly scampers from his own room to Griffins and begins rifling through drawers. Just when he finds a pair thatll fit, he hears his stepbro coming up the entryway stairs! Johnny knows that if caught, Griffin will be PISSED to find him trespassing in his personal space, so he jumps in Griffins closet to hide. Griffin peels off his shirt and pants, but then hears something. When he discovers Johnny in the closet, Griffin has no choice but to take advantage of the situation. He mentions how inappropriate their parents would find the situation, but he offers to keep quiet if Johnny accepts a simple blowjob from his stepbrother! Johnny reluctantly lets Griffin wrap his mouth around that fattening cock...but Johnny makes sure to explain hes NOT GAY! Griffin is too busy

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