Handy Step Brother

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Javier Cruz
Johnny Torque
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

With their parents gone, step-brothers Johnny Torque and Javier Cruz are tasked with finding something to do with their day, so Johnny suggests they take the quad out for a spin. After a day of hard riding, Johnny pulls up under a tree to catch his breath. Reaching for his shirt, he feels something hard in Javiers pants, and quickly realizes his brother has a hard on. Javier is embarrassed, both because his secret is out, but also because Johnny isnt necessarily known to take it easy when hes got you in a pickle. Knowing his goose is cooked, Javier pleads with Johnny to keep his secret, telling him hell owe him. Smiling, Johnny unzips his pants and tells Javier hell be collecting on that debt immediately, and shoves his cock inside Javiers mouth. Realizing hes just been gifted the easiest get out of jail free card, Javier gets to work, deep throating Johnnys cock until it grows rock hard in his mouth. Javier can sense that Johnny is kind of into it, but when Johnny pushes him back agai

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