The Hot Gym Guy

( )
Benjamin Swift
Dante Martin
Max Penn
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

With their own sex life stagnating, Max Penn and Dante Martin have hatched a plan to try and spice things up. Both of them have been eyeing the hot guy at the gym who always comes alone, but the only problem with muscled stud Benjamin Swift is that they are pretty sure hes straight. This doesnt deter them, it just means they have to be a little more creative if they want him to come play. With his plan hatched and the help of a few incriminating photos, Dante approaches Benjamin one afternoon in the parking lot, and makes him an offer he cant refuse. Bejamin tells him he isnt gay and cant believe Dante and Max are blackmailing him for sex, but Dante tells him it isnt the first time someone tried it, signaling to Max that the plan is a go. Benjamin concedes and in no time finds himself back at their pad, laid out on the bed, as both Dante and Max team up to suck him off. Max deep throats his cock while Dante tongues his balls, and then they both tongue his head, flicking it as they kiss

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