While You Were Sleeping

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Ian Levine
Zane Porter
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

As new housemate Zane Porter sleeps on the sofa, one of his new roomies, Ian Levine, spots his cock flopping out of his shorts. Figuring he might as well break in the new guy to the routine, Ian Levine gives into temptation and helps himself to a taste. As he sucks on Zanes big sleeping dick, it grows huge in his mouth just as Zane wakes up. Horrified, Zane asks Ian what the fuck hes doing, and Ian doesnt really have a good answer. Luckily for him though, Zane is already half hard, and its been so long since Zane has had any action that he stops and considers the situation in front of him, and ultimately decides its better than nothing, so he lets Ian continue, which is perhaps the best decision hes made in a while, as Ian gets straight to sucking him off like a champ, deep-throating Zanes giant cock as he plays with Zanes balls. Zane is horny as hes been in a while, and hes ready to fuck anything that moves, so he flips Ian over and goes to town tonguing his ass, fingering his hole an

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