Str8 to Bootycamp

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Brandon Moore
Damien Michaels
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Still adjusting to being home from deployment, Private Damien Michaels is finding that not everyone is thrilled to have him home, particularly his girlfriend, who has been giving him attitude since he got back. As Damien has some beers with fellow boot-camper and long time buddy Brandon Moore, Damiens girlfriend gives him a call and starts even more trouble. Brandon witnesses this, and though hes inclined to just keep his mouth shut and mind his own business, he cant help but think maybe hes got a solution to Damiens problem. Brandon asks Damien if he got any action overseas and Damien looks incredulously at him, reiterating that hes been deployed, to which Brandon confesses that boot camp didnt stop him from getting his freak on. Damien picks up what Brandon is putting down, and asks him who he fucked. Brandon corrects him that he was the one getting fucked, which raises Damiens eye brow a bit as Brandon runs his hand up Damiens thigh. Damien is hesitant but admits a hole is a hole, a

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