Jhonnatan Garduna was showing Max Dias a new dating app he h

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Jhonnatan Garduna
Max Dias

Jhonnatan Garduna was showing Max Dias a new dating app he had installed on his phone. The images and videos of the prospective dates turn on both of our hot studs. Jhonnatan puts down his phone as Max leans over and gives Jhonnatan a very deep, intense kiss. Immediately, Max reaches for the bulge appearing in Jhonnatans jeans and its not long before Max is nuzzling and licking Jhonnatans crotch thru his jeans. Jhonnatan stands up and pulls off his jeans sitting down on the sofa in only his swim trunks, which were stretched out from his hard cock which was fighting to get free. Max lets Jhonnatans cock free and he immediately swallows the whole thing, right to the base. Jhonnatan, ready to switch things up, has Max lean over the sofa with his ass in the air. Jhonnatan goes in with his tongue and starts getting that hole ready for some penetration. Moving around to the side of the sofa, Jhonnatan bends Max over the end of the sofa and slowly buries his thick cock deep in Maxs ass. Max goes standing to riding on Jhonnatans cock to laying back and taking it with his legs in the air to finally on his back. Jhonnatan pulls out and shoots a thick creamy load all over Maxs stomach

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