Straight Stud James Riker Tossed Around Like A Rag Doll

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James Riker
BDSM Bondage Pornstar Submission

The Pit: Straight stud James Riker stands with his hands bound above his head with a blindfold covering his eyes. His jock is torn away as Van starts stroking James cock. Once hes rock hard, James endures dual flogging all over his body. His blindfold is removed as the intensity of the flogging increases, challenging James with every lashing against his body. The Padded Cell: Bound in the straight jacket, James tossed around the padded cell like a rag doll before he feels the sting of the cane. The Electric Chamber: The straight stud is then bound in a chair with his head locked in a vice grip as electrodes are attached to his thighs and bands around his fat cock. Van torments the hung stud with pulses of electricity while attaching small clips all over his torso. An electric butt plug is shoved up James ass while hes tormented with the zapper shocking him all over. After tearing away the small clips from the boys torso, Van milks a load out of James giant cock and finishes him off with some post-orgasmic torment on his sensitive cockhead.

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