Muscle Stud Showdown Seth Santoro Submits To Jacen Zhu

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Jacen Zhu
Seth Santoro
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Seth Santoro is bound by leather restraints and rope. His face is wrapped in duct tape and he has a tube for air. His dick is hard under his leather jockstrap as he awaits his master, Jacen Zhu. Jacen strides over to Seth and tests his hard muscle with slaps, punches, the flogger and the crop. Seth grunts with each hit, body tensing with pain as his masters leather-gloved hands come in contact with his abs. Jacen reveals Seths cock and crops it, and before wrapping his lips around his slaves cock. Hungry to see what this slave can do, Jacen takes the tube out of Seths mouth and pushes him down on his own rock hard dick. Seth takes Jacens cock all the way, gagging on it as drool leaks out of his greedy slut mouth. Next, Seth hangs by his ankles in an inverted suspension. Jacen strokes his cock as he begins to flog Seths back and ass. Once Seths ass is warmed up, Jacen leans in to taste it before pushing a gloved finger into Seths tight ass. Seth moans as Jacen lavishes him with attention, but his pleasure is short lived as Jacen soon switches back to flogging. Each hit falls harder than the last and soon Seth is crying out in pain. Now that his slaves ass is tender, Jacen h

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