My God Sharok Casey Everett Worships New Leather Clad Master

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Casey Everett
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Naked and kneeling Sharok flogs himself before donning his leathers. Entering his dungeon, he picks up a zapper, and approaches a naked, collared, and caged Casey Everett. Casey is nervous to see his Master back and cries out at the zapper hits his sensitive thighs. Sharok pulls him out of the cage and locks him down on his back. Sharok wraps his lips around his boys cock and presses his gloved fingers into Caseys mouth. Casey moans as he worships his Masters leather gloves. All he can taste is leather while Sharok primes his cock. But Caseys pleasure does not last for long. Sharok puts nipple clamps on Casey and attaches them to a pulley. He winds the device until the clamps on Caseys sensitive nipples are being stretched out in front of him. Casey screams as his nipples suffer. Sharok unzips his leather trousers and guides his hard cock into Caseys mouth. Casey takes every inch, gagging on his Masters cock as the clover clamps bite into his nipples. Next, Casey is suspended in rope bondage. Sharok flogs his abs and ass as Casey struggles helplessly. Casey cries out in pain, unable to escape the tails of Masters flogger. Finally Sharok sinks his cock into Caseys tight ass

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