Franco Gets Fucked New Slave Flogged And Fucked By Sharok

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Franco Nunez
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Welcome Franco Nunez to Bound Gods! Franco is new to Kink and eager to worship Leather God Sharok. Dressed in leather, Sharok awaits the arrival of new boy Franco. He has Franco strip and walks over to inspect his body. Franco sinks to his knees and takes Sharoks leather gloved finger into his mouth, sucking on it. Sharok laughs and pushes Francos face into his leather codpiece. He spanks Francos ass and attaches multiple weights to Francos balls before walking across the room to his chair. He takes a seat and commands Franco to come and get his cock. Franco looks up and notices the candles suspended from the ceiling dripping hot wax directly onto his path. As he crawls to Sharok, the wax drips from above onto his body. He hisses as the wax hits his skin but continues forward. Finally, he reaches his Master and is rewarded with a collar. Sharok weaves rope through his boys collar and up through a tie point on the ceiling. He gives it a tug, causing Franco to jerk backwards, and then commands Franco to suck his cock. Franco strains against the rope, trying desperately with his tongue reach his Masters cock. Unable to reach it on his own, he begs Sharok to let him taste his coc

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