Grayson Frost Whipped And Fucked By Alex Killian

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Alex Killian
Grayson Frost
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Grayson Frost is naked, gagged and restrained on his knees in unyielding device bondage. His hands are bound behind his back and his cock is encircled by a conductive cock ring connected to a small tens unit. Dressed in head to toe leather, Alex Killian enters eager to play with todays meat. Grayson looks up at Alex as Alex runs his gloved hands along Graysons chest and pierced nipples. He turns on the tens unit, sending electricity pulsating around Graysons uncircumsized cock. Grayons cock jumps as Alex quickly ramps up the intensity. Smirking, Alex begins to flog Graysons stomach and cock. Grayson moans as the hits fall harder and harder on his sensitive cock. All Graysons flinching and moaning is making Alex hard. He removes the bit gag from Graysons mouth and replaces it with his rock hard cock. Grayson eagerly devours every inch as Alex fucks his face. Next, Grayson is blindfolded and restrained on all his knees and elbows. Alex spanks Graysons ass as he wraps a hand around Graysons cock. Grayson loves feeling his Sirs hand around his cock and is soon thrusting his hips, begging to cum. But Alex isnt done with Grayson yet. He single tails Grayson, leaving pretty pin

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