I Dream Of Leather Damon Heart Submits To Leather God Michae

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Damon Heart
Michael Roman
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Just as Alexander catches his breath, he unleashes an overwhelming gasp as he feels his Masters cock plunged into his tight hole, Damon Heart reads aloud, licking his lips. His night at home is quickly turning into a steamy masturbation session. He groans, imagining what it would be like to be taken by a rugged leather dom. He jerks off and falls asleep, awakening to find himself bound and gagged on his knees at the mercy at the chiseled leather god Michael Roman. Michael runs his hands along Damons bare flesh. Damon looks up at Michael, a little scared and helplessly turned on. Michael gives his face a couple slaps and spits on him before commanding him to sniff his hard cock through his leather pants. Damon takes in the scent of Michaels warm leather as his tongue drags along the outline of Michaels hard cock. Michael laughs and clamps Damons nipples, arms, and tongue with medical forceps. Damon moans, drooling in himself as Michael edges him. He begs to cum and is denied by his cruel leather god. Next, Damon is suspended upside down. Michael lets Damon taste his hard cock before grabbing a flogger to tenderize his meat. He hits Damons chest, back, and firm ass. Damon gru

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