Cannabis Consequences

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Angel Rivera
Jeff Sterne
Beautiful Punishment Spanking

Angel Rivera has it made, he lives in a beautiful home and is treated like a trophy boy but ONLY if he gets his daily chores done! Its a pretty sweet deal for the bronze beauty, but when Master Jeff Sterne comes home to find Rivera sucking on a bong without one of his houseboy duties done, daddy decides to teach the twink a lesson. Sterne dominates the dude, bending him over and working the boys bubble butt with a wide wooden paddle before pantsing the kid to admire his heavy handed work. Riveras plump rump is ripe, tender and bright red. Jeff yanks Angels red undies up into Riveras crimson crack displaying his cherry cheeked ass. The pulsating punishing continues as Sterne busts out a belt and doesnt let up, switching between the booty banging belt, his favorite fanny paddle and that super strong spank hand of his. He owns Angels ass, bringing the boys butt to the sexed up intersection of pure pleasurable pain. Riveras rump is raw and Jeff knows the lusty lesson has been learned. Sterne finally lets up and allows his boy to take another well earned toke. Then he orders his houseboy to meet him in the kitchen to get those chores done. We guarantee Rivera wont soon forget

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