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Calvin Banks
Dylan Hayes
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Calvin Banks always likes to do things big. So, rather than Netflix chill, he brings his new boy interest, Dylan Hayes to his pimped out, private home theater. Theres some serious snuggling over the clothes action goin down during the movie, but, when the credits roll, Banks turns into Dylans dick slingin director! Calvin gives delicious dirty talk while he orders the hard bodied boy around. He smacks his beautiful bubble butt, then forcefully pulls the dudes drawers down. He spreads that bubbled up, back seat, and sucks Hayes hot hole with a vengeance. His ultra hot, erotic orders dont stop there. Banks asks, AND receives a super sloppy, spit dribbling dick sucking, which sends his stiffy to seek Hayes hungry hole. With Dylans schlong slobber covering his cock, Calvins able to slip his bareback beast right up his twunks tight tail pipe, and quickly get to pounding. Hayes hammers hole right back at the boy, meeting in the middle for a smashtastic prostate pounding. Banks bangs the fuck out of the dude, punching his perfect posterior while delivering porn perfect, dirty talk. After a half time show shaft swallow, Banks parks his perfect piece back in Hayes horned u

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