Larkins Load Ricky Larkin Bound In Leather, Tickled, And Dra

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Ricky Larkin
BDSM Bondage Fetish Jerk Off Masturbation Pornstar

Muscle stud Ricky Larkin is at the mercy of hot experienced leather clad handler Dillon Diaz. Head enclosed in leather, Ricky is trapped in darkness. His arms are encased in leather bondage sleeves and pulled behind him with thick heavy chain. He can only smell the leather of his leather muzzle and feel the heavy chains holding him in place. Dillon glides his gloved hands over Rickys leather encased cock, squeezing lightly as Ricky groans. He squeezes Rickys sensitive nipples and kisses the mask covering Rickys mouth. He sinks to his knees and reveals Rickys rock hard cock. Ricky moans as Dillon strokes his cock and takes it into his mouth. Dillon takes his time tasting every inch of Rickys delicious cock. Soon Ricky is straining to fuck Dillons warm wet mouth. Dillon laughs, grabbing a ball parachute and snapping it around Rickys balls. He ties it to a point in front of Ricky. The tugging sensation on his balls makes Ricky even more desperate to cum. Dillon puts nipple suckers on Rickys nipples and continues edging Ricky. Ricky squirms as Dillon teases the head of his cock with his hands and his mouth. He asks to cum but Dillon isnt done with him yet. Dillon strips him do

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