Introducing Richie West

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Richie West
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New model Richie West is back in Vegas after celebrating his twenty first birthday in sin city just a few months back. However, this time, Richie is being picked up at the airport by porn prince, Ashton Summers! Ashton is immediately attracted to the raging hot, red head, and the guys get to swapping stories about coming out, Richies first boy crush, and of course preferred position. West shares that he just started topping last year, and is eager to keep at it. Always one to lend a helping hole, Ashton invited the newbie back to his place, where clothes melt away in a sea of sultry kisses. Excited to break the boy in, Summers slips the gorgeous gingers jeans down, and wraps his pretty Puerto Rican lips around the dudes dick. After exercising his incredible deep throat skills, Summers receives some red hot reciprocation from Richies talented tongue. After throating the porn gods girthy gift, the confident newbie slips his hips between Ashtons legs, and plunges his pulsing piece balls deep into the dudes dick hungry hole. Ashton hikes his knees up to his shoulders for an even deeper drilling, as Richie amps up the smash speed, filling the room with heavy hitting, smash sounds

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