Bad Puppy - scene 774

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Ari Gypsy
Cole Streets

After a night of partying Ari Gypsy and Cole Streets wind up back at Coles. On the couch, one thing leads to another and Ari has Cole Stripped and his monster cock in his mouth, sucking it like he owns it. Ari gets his pants off and Cole begins stroking his dick, while Ari continues swallowing Coles manhood, balls and all! Ari stands up and Cole drops to his knees, devouring Aris cock, while getting his face fucked. Ari bends over the couch and Cole begins some serious ass eating. Cole stands up, puts on a condom and begins to plow Aris tight hairy hole, hitting hard and deep. At times its unclear if Aris moans reflect pain or pleasure. Moving to a comfortable position on the couch, Aris on his back while Cole begins pounding his ass again while Ari strokes his own cock, soon turning over to Cole, Ari is ready to cum. He grips his cock and blows off a fountain of creamy cum, but nothing compared to Cole unloading steady streams, giving Ari a cum bath from the chest down.

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