Forecasting Cum

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Adrian Hart
Chris Damned
Anal Hardcore Pornstar Straight vs Gay

Cameraman Chris Damned is waiting backstage when weatherman Adrian Hart flirtily invites him out, then starts sucking his cock.The guys have to rush back on set when its time for Adrians weather segment, but Chris cant wait for him to finish. He slips into a green morph suit and creeps into the frame, dancing up a storm in front of the green screen and then pulling down the weathermans pants! Chris rips a hole in his suit and waves his hard cock around before fucking Adrian doggystyle live on air. As soon as the broadcast ends, Adrian sucks Chriss cock, and the guys head backstage where Chris bends Adrian over a desk and teases his hole with his tongue before giving him multiple inches of cock. Adrian rides Chriss cock and showers his chest with jizz, and Chris delivers a 100 percent chance of cum on Adrians cock.

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