Standa Vizek

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Handsome Standa Vizek looks very good as he starts to strip off, ready for his massage. He shows off his slim, sexy, body. Down to his underwear he lays on the bed. The masseur arrives and takes some oil into his hands, telling Standa to relax, and gets to work. The hands start to massage the shoulders. Then the neck too is worked by the expert fingers. The arms are each folded up the back, in turn, so the shoulder blades can be worked as well. Then the lower back is massaged too, the hands gliding all over. They push under the waistand of the underwear too. The underwear is pushed down some to show the shapely, hairy, ass cheeks too as the hands slide over them. Then the underwear is removed and oil is rubbed over the sexy ass. Standas legs are spread wide apart showing his cock and balls as more oil is dripped onto the ass. That oil is rubbed all over the ass running down onto the hole too. The cock and balls are rubbed between the thighs too, coating them in oil as well. The ass cheeks are spread as well, showing off the tight hole. That hole glistens with oil as the cheeks are opened wide. The cock is wanked too before more oil is applied to the ass. Then a finger is pushed in

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