Bryan Ockert Elliot Dahl - Daddy, Pt. 1 of 3

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Bryan Ockert
Elliot Dahl
Jerk Off Masturbation Pornstar

I wanted to start filming again. Despite getting older, I do want to do a series of videos on PeepShow.TV. Remember, I am currently 56, so be kind! Elliot and I had talked between shoots, and we definitely love all the same stuff. Dom Sub, Daddy Boy, and a hazy, blissed-out on a brown bottle type of scene. Elliot and I both love body scents. About a week before he came to visit, I started wearing the same jock all-day, especially while at the gym. The jock was starting to get very musky, since you can see my natural pubes are full-on and do get a bit musky. Several days before he arrived, I wanted to make the jock was extra ripe. I unloaded three time in and on it, sending the videos off to Elliot, hoping that it would turn him on. And it sure did! He blew a load watching the second video I sent. We were both so turned-on, once he arrived, we both were shaking with anticipation. You can see the build-up to this in this video, as well as our first Daddy Boy scene. Elliot sniffs and sucks on the jock. I then get my dick out for my boy can service my dick. His throat seemed tight, so I got him on his back and did some throat training. I used 3 different dildos, each larger than the ne

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