The Foreign Stud Part 2

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Shawn Andrews
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Since wowing his superiors during his initiation, personal trainer Arad is fitting in nicely and building a steady base clientele. To be honest, hes already one of the most requested trainers at the gym... for some reason. Shawn Andrews has heard all about Arads technique, and one look at Arads shredded body tells Shawn that Arad knows how to get results, so Shawn is eager for his session. As it begins, it seems normal enough, with Arad walking Shawn through several exercises intended on isolating his focus areas. And thats all well and good, but as he lay on his stomach while Arad works out a kink in his back, Shawn wonders if everything hes been hearing is just rumor. Finally he just comes out with, asking Arad directly if hes gonna play around with stretches or if hes gonna fuck him. With that, Arad gives a wry smile and a smack on Shawns ass, and the next thing Shawn knows, Arad is running him through a whole different set of positions. Arad peels off Shawns pants and begins to lic

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