Roman Wright Jerks Off And Shoots A Load On Rooftop

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Roman Wright
Anal Hardcore Muscle Tattooed Men

Roman arrived from the gym ready for his solo action. You ire going to fluff aren it you he said in his deep voiced American drawl. Before I knew it we were naked on the floor. Deep into sucking each other we came up for air and both laughed. Better get this done I said, before we waste your load, and you have to come back again!- He wanted to perform outdoors . Perfect! This stallion loves sex, indoors, outdoors makes no difference, he loves SEX! What a show this hung bit of USA prime beef put on for all of us. The only thing was is this was no average shoot, as he stopped, dragged me over to him, pulled down my jogging pants and eagerly sucked on my rock hard cock. As I filmed naked and harder by the second, we stopped again, this time for me to eat his bubble butt and suck on his mammouth hairy balls! Stopping to film again, he continued to want to suck, until he groaned he was about to shoot his load, and he did, all over his perfect hairy stomach and manly chest. I stopped the cam

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