The scene opens when Sage fini

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Rocco Martinez
Sage Daniels
Anal Bareback Hardcore

The scene opens when Sage finishes his workout at the Gym, heads back to the locker room where he spots Rocco cruising him. Sage smiles at Rocco as he is stripping down to his jockstrap. Rocco bends down and out of the corner of his eye, catches Sage glancing as his jock butt. The sex heats up almost immediately as they both embrace, kiss, and start to lick and grope one another. Rocco quickly gets on his knees and buries his face into Sage is crotch. Rocco sucks and slurps on Sage is hard cock. Rocco puts his tongue to good use as he rims and licks Sage is hole as well. Sage returns the favor as he buries his face into Rocco is smooth shaved crotch. Rocco quivers and shakes as Sage works his magic tongue all over his uncut Latin cock. Sage wastes no time in getting a taste of Rocco is manpussy as he teases and licks his pink puckered hole. The sex intensifies when Sage spits on Rocco!s bare hole and slides his raw cock into him. Rocco takes a deep breath, loosens up, and let is Sage d

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