Trojan Rock Gets Cum Facial From Massive Thunder

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Trojan Rock
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When Trojan promised his body building workout mate a massage, he was sure to have realized it was going to end in a full facial! Having met the massive Thunder at the Gym, roman entices him back to the studio for a full body massage. It isn it long before Trojan has his nose buried deep into Thunders huge arse, and is tonguing it deep. Thunder takes control of the situation by rolling over, then allowing Trojan to swallow Thunder is perfect uncut cock deep down his throat. Sucking hard on his cock, Trojan only stops to rub oil over every rippling muscle of Thunder is. He finishes Thunder off by putting his head in Thunders massive 49 inch chest, and pulling on Thunders cock so that when he shoots his gallon of cum, it covers Trojans face, and gives him a surprise but welcome facial. Now that is a Spa treatment to remember! This world exclusive clip is only available here on the net and can it be seen anywhere else at the moment. A first of a series of Trojan is conquests especially fo

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