Alpha Male Fuckers - Valentin Alsina, Adam Killian, Aitor Crash, Damian Boss, Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico and Billy Baval

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Adam Killian
Aitor Crash
Billy Baval
Damian Boss
Dominic Pacifico
Spencer Reed
Valentin Alsina
Anal Hardcore Muscle Pornstar Tattooed Men

The 3 hunk is rest is disturbed by the arrival of the finest toolmen crew money can buy. All vetted by Trojan himself, Adam, Aitor, Valentin and Damian jump head first on the semi naked men and within seconds it is a free for all. Aitor enjoys Dominic is mouth while Adam falls in love with Valentin is ass, then Dominic sucks Spencer and billy is cocks. Adam bends over on the couch and treats us to one of the most beautiful man ass this side of the equator. they suck, they chomp, they finger, they kiss and lick, they wank and taste and probe and prepare. they work each other into a frenzy until Spencer covers Aitor is hairy hunky chest with a thick white load. he decides to leave the boys to their own devices and goes up for a recharge nap.

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