Jake Vincent Part 2

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Well, let s just dive right in: Vincent is bottoming. I figured I would leave it ambiguous, as to who was going to get fucked, at least from the first video. Vincent doesn t make it clear, as he comforts his friend, after she cheated on him. SDBoy.com has the guys barebacking in Vincent and Jake part 2. On all fours, Vincent is helping Jake out, okay, in by allowing Jake to fuck him. This is the first time Vincent has bottomed I think he s a little nervous, but he ll do fine. Jake is into it from the get go, fuck, that feels so good he moans. Getting used to the feeling, Vincent says, fuck, but he means it in a different way than Jake. I love fucking that hole it s so tight, pants Jake Vincent quips, it s supposed to be tight he buries his head under a pillow, but he does keep his ass up for Jake. Angling a shot from the side of them, they do look hot together. Just when I think Vincent s had enough, he says, oddly enough, this does feel good prostates are a man s best friend when bein

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