Jake Jaxsons year in the making erotic fantasy epic ANSWERED

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Jake Jaxsons year in the making erotic fantasy epic ANSWERED PRAYERS continues with THE ASSUMPTION OF THE LAMB, the second part of a two-part story centered on a mysterious orphan boy known only as the Lamb. The last time we saw the Lamb, hed just been expelled from a strict boarding school for attempting to escape after being bullied by his cruel classmates Pain, Cain, and Vain. His benevolent yet frustrated guardian, Moloch, consequentially transfers the Lamb to the care of his father, Seth, Son of Snakes, and a new chapter begins. Once under Seths guidance, the Lamb begins to excel. Like others before him, he realizes hes being prepared for something much more. Yet the Lambs fate is not in Seths hands alone - a much larger battle is being fought by Moloch and his brother Jinks, a fight that will soon also consume the Lamb. Going from an orphan boy to a position of great power, the Lambs greatest fears still linger beneath the surface dictating his every move. He is balancing on a th

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