Johny Cruz wants to be all serious and studious Shane Barret

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Johny Cruz
Shane Barret
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Johny Cruz wants to be all serious and studious Shane Barret, in total contrast, just wants to play and have fun. So, who do you think comes out on top! Lets put it this way, Cruzs resistance to his buddys persuasions doesnt ever really amount to a great deal at all. Indeed, the fellow is tearing away at Barrets garish underwear in under two minutes, casting his pen and paper to one side in order to give all his attention to the thick, meaty, uncut dick that he very clearly knows is stuffed inside his mates pants. Not that Barret seems in any way less inclined to feast on salami given half the opportunity particularly if his fine performance on Cruzs knob shortly afterwards is anything to go by. But its not exactly a surprise to realise that its Cruz whos going to be playing bottom to Barrets rampant buttpicker and, having taken a chance to tease Barrets hole with an enthusiastic rimming, the lad is soon laid out prostrate over the writing-desk taking every butt-stretching inch that t

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