Paying your respects to the dead can be an upsetting experie

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Benjamin Dunn
Johny Cruz
Sam Williams
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Paying your respects to the dead can be an upsetting experience and very understandably so but, as young Johny Cruz discovers here, it can also be a somewhat dangerous one, too. For its here among the tombs and gravestones of a quiet Prague suburb that the lad is subjected to an unprovoked assault by Benjamin Dunn, who immediately abducts the youngster and takes him back to where Sam Williams is waiting in a nearby derelict building. If that sounds like a somewhat provocative, almost disturbing experience to view then rest assured youre pretty close to the mark but as so often with sex and violence its also incredibly stimulating. A sentiment thats quickly built upon when Williams and Dunn immediately begin to take erotic advantage of their captive much to Cruzs clear satisfaction. Indeed, any resistance that the lad displayed in the opening moments of the drama is promptly abandoned with Cruzs raging hard-on serving as testimony to his appreciation of the uninvited attention. And l

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