We all know that supping alcohol can increase a guys libido,

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Gabriel Angel
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Orlando White
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We all know that supping alcohol can increase a guys libido, but whether it usually has such an immediate effect as in this glorious, outdoor threesome is another matter entirely. Nevertheless, by the time that Orlando White has taken a few gulps of Carling hes already sporting quite an obvious hard-on in his denim shorts something that neither Gabriel Angel nor Josh Milk are able to ignore. Indeed, within a few moments all three lads have their dicks out and are busily engaged in pleasuring each other just as good friends should! What very quickly becomes apparent, however, is how integral the wooden picnic-table is to the sordid antics of these three gorgeous beauties, not least of all when Angel and Milk enjoy a fantastic 69-ing session whilst White sucks Milks balls! Its a theme that continues when Milk finally succumbs to the inevitable and takes every inch of Whites handsome ramrod up his ass, sucking on Angels thick, meaty dick as he does so again, the table provides the back

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