Flip Flopping Fuckers Nathan Price And Conner Habib

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Conner Habib
Nathan Price
Anal Hardcore Muscle Tattooed Men

What do you do when you arrive at work and find out you can it do anything because the guys before you haven it finished their jobs yet! You take advantage of your co-worker as the guy as he is there only for the day. And So Nathan straddles Conner and makes a beeline for his lips but don it be fooled. Conner had his eye on this English beef and was hoping to get a piece of it before his return to Jack is stable overseas.. they quickly get naked and explore and taste every inch of each other is body. It is French cut VS uncut and they both love it! In turn they taste each other cocks and finally move into a 69 that allows them to have it all at the same time. It is pure gluttony. They don it know where to start or when to finish. It is Conner that decides it is time to move on to the main course and turns Nathan on his back before fucking him to his heart content but again Nathan has other ideas and pulls him up, turns him around and pushes his cock between those hairy arse cheeks. He

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