Muscle Bear Spencer Reed Gives Scott Hunter A D-E-E-P Fuck

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Scott Hunter
Spencer Reed
Anal Hardcore Muscle Tattooed Men

Spencer is the workman of choice of Jack Jones. One because he is beefy and two because he works his men. Spencer is enjoying a cup of tea while admiring Scott is ass beckoning him to take it. He puts his cup down, gets up, grabs Scott by the collar and pulls him up in one strong movement. Scott is no match for Spencer and he is enjoying this burly man taking charge and pushing his lips against his, his head down towards his crotch. Ross loves sucking thick cocks but again, it is Spencer that decides and he wants to taste some uncut cock before starting to work Ross is pale English butt. He licks it and lubes it up until it feels ready to take his cock. He fucks him deeply against the stepladder then finishes him off on the floor in a long and passionate embrace. Spencer moves behind Ross is head and spurts a hot load over his face and into his mouth a load defined ”sweet” by Ross himself and waits for his sex pal to shoot an equally hot load on his belly.

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