Lean Sexy Stud Pup Tate Ryder Tops Tattooed Muscle Hunk Harley Everett

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Harley Everett
Tate Ryder
Anal Hardcore Muscle Tattooed Men

A little scene reversal here as we get a younger guy having his way with an older, bigger male. But let is not kid ourselves... when the younger guy is Tate Ryder, who wouldn it! Tate and Harley are like a house on fire certainly their pants were and can it get enough of each other. It is an even game, they both enjoy doing everything to each other. Here we have a tattooed mountain of English muscles against a lean and hard Australian beach body. After some time spent feeling of Harley is experienced tongue on his body and cock and on his ass time that we all enjoyed watching, Tate can it wait any longer and turns Harley face down on the bed and buries his face into Harley is crack. He licks and prods that smooth hole until Harley is literally begging Tate to fuck his ass. a Beta male fucking an Alpha male! Hot Tate first fucks Harley face down on the bed then turns him on his back and fills him up to the balls until he shoots a fresh hot load on Harley is cock. Harley finishes himself

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