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Here I am at my bathroom and is about to take a plunge at my

Hairy Blonde Muscle. Ben Kieren Hairy Muscle Stud

New Jersey Muscle Stud. Mike Buffalari Jersey Muscle

Mike Buffalari Muscle Ass

Mike Buffalari Brooklyn Bodybuilder

Ben Kieren Hairy Muscle Stud

Ben Kieren Hairy Hard Cock Muscle Stud

Ben Kieren Bodybuilder Sunset

Hairy muscle stud Ben Kieren

Ben Kieren Hairy Boston Bodybuilder

Ben Kieren Hairy Bodybuilder California Beach

Matthew Rush Gay Porn Star

Hairy muscle stud and porn icon Caesar

Big Hairy Muscle Stud Ben Kieren is oiled up and rock hard.

With hard muscle and an even harder cock, Mike Buffalari is

Smooth muscle ass your thing! Mike Buffalari has two hard gl

Hard, wet surfing muscle...Mike Buffalari

Hard, wet surfing muscle...Mike Buffalari

Angelo Antonio Boston Muscle

Angelo Antonio Young Muscle

Angelo Antonio Young Muscle

Washboard abs and 9

Tim Adonis Mixed Martial Artist

Young muscle stud looks relaxed and horned up at the same ti

Hairy, inked muscle stud Xavier and his thick tool

Fresh back from Iraq, this handsome stud is ready for some R

A new addition to Manifest Men: Tyler David is the first in

Vin Marco is still a total stud in addition to being a great

Jake Genesis: Manifest Men Debut

Damien: Competition Bodybuilder Manifest Men

Vin Marco: Skylight

Ride with me and we ll hit the road for a hot adventure. See

The Down Staircase

The Wild One

Pumping up my big arms with heavy dumbbells. It feels good t

Against a Tree

ed hot seduction coming your way on this sexy set of photos.

Waiting for somebody to love! Check out my photo session as

In case there were any doubts the first time around, LMS Sta

French big boy musclepup Laurent LeGros has some creative id

LMS performer Kevin Conrad is just about as pretty a beefy y

As hot, thick, and solid as a fire plug, the short, buff and

Great news, folks: The Buttmeister is back! For the uninitia

Back in all of his glorified hardbodied muscle flesh is he o

There s always something particularly appealing about short,

If it had been up to us, we would have given New LMS musclem

When big, handsome blond LiveMuscleShow muscleman Sven Grons

Handsome Rocco Martin returns to for Round 3, and thi

He s baaacckk! The sexiest trouble maker of them all, Macho

Marc Bentley is originally from Brazil but lives in Hamburg

Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean

Hairy, short tough guy powerhouse Adelio Senna is just the m

Fantasy Muscle Daddy Hans Hoffmann looks like a trucker, is

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we

Revenge ios sweet...especially if you re a pretty boy who ad

For those who think - and crave - young, we bring you newcum

Buttmeister Anton Buttone is back for a fourth shot, and thi

We think Brutus di Fino looks a little like....welll....Geor

Peter Porter is that kind of Boy Next Door you have been wai

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