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At CMNM. Net, footballer Freddie is full of swagger and test

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Craig knows that hes in a very precarious position being bro

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Brad may have the brawn but his strict manager has the brain

Kyle and Liam often go to strip clubs together or watch porn

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With Daniels arse properly filled by the induction team, the

Simons punishment for failing in his mission is swift and se

James planned to enter HMP Wormorth prison with the kind of

The prison guards, ably assisted by inmate James, are teachi

Bob Smith is ecstatic that hes finally due to be released fr

Having received his discipline for failing in his mission, S

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Under the watchful gaze of the stern prison Governor, the gu

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During the day Freddie looks like any other bright young ath

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Freddies biggest dream is to become the captain of Mancastle

New footballer Max is bewildered by the arbitrary rules set

While tattoo artist Fred works on the bare bum of future gro

Caretaker Sid cant remain only a voyeur when the boys are ge

Back in the locker room freshly named team captain Freddie i

Young lads who go to holiday resorts want to return home wit

The coach and chairman have put a stop to teammates Freddie

If a rower is to be considered for this elite club he needs

Sporty Daniel is in peak physical condition. Hes been traini

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High flying businessman Nick likes to party hard, but his ex

The park toilet is a meeting point for all sorts of nefariou

Down in the workrooms with the equipment pounding away the t

Innocent Lyle has been raised in an utterly sheltered and pr

Being top league players takes dedication and a fuckload of

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