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Dirty Scout 217

Dirty Scout 222

Dirty Scout 220

Dirty Scout 221

Dirty Scout 219

Dirty Scout 218

Dirty Scout 213

Dirty Scout 209

Dirty Scout 215

After Hours Office Cock!

Pre Party Cock Loving Action!

Flip Flop Jock Darius Gets Some Mens Room Action

I really like boys from small towns. They look so innocent c

When your work colleagues arent up to the task, your job bec

This boy came to the meeting with a pretty ambitious idea in

This boys father had good connections so he managed to get h

Taking care of old people is a noble job. I admire people wh

This boy had a very tough life. His parents died when he was

This young man used to have truly admirable jobs in the past

This cute guy was a fan of Italian sports cars. He even lear

I have never fucked an army man. This young boy was my first

I had a bad feeling about this boy at first. He looked too c

This boy spent most of his adult life in a kitchen. He loved

Always Be Closing, Part 1

Always Be Closing 2

Always Be Closing, Part 3

I hate when people come to my office dressed like clowns. Th

Another boy trying his luck in Prague. At the beginning I di

This guys friend recommended our company as a great place to

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tr

I couldnt believe this guy was just an ordinary room painter

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

Another ambitious boy who would like to make it big in the c

This young man wanted to move to Prague but he needed a job

This young man came to Prague from a far away country. He li

This boy was a little slow and gave me really hard time. He

This guy from Slovakia had a very interesting career path. H

Prague is a place of huge opportunities for any young man fr

I liked this guys passion for his trade. He was a car mechan

This young half-black man came to my office looking for a jo

This boy didnt have an easy life. As a butcher he struggled

This guy had a pretty big ambitions but he had no idea how t

This guy had no idea how to behave at a job interview. He ba

I had to take care of some important business so I let my co

This guy was simply adorable. He had a joyful expression on

We had an unusually cold day in Prague so I hoped to warm my

This guy read about our company on the internet and decided

A very cool looking guy came to my office today. He was nice

This guy sounded very ambitious. He didnt finish high school

This boy was incredibly shy, I could barely get a word out o

To graduate at school and than not be able to find a job in

The Business Of Sex Part 4

Executive Brothel Part 2

The New Guy

Executive Suite Part 1


My Hung Assistant

Secret Liason

The Best Employee

Hotel Surveillance

BelAmi Special Offer