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Dave relishes the feeling of hetero Marc struggling to escap

Theres a great tradition of cottaging where businessmen get

Hetero Marc is panicking. Now that hes seen how nasty we can

Hetero Marc is panicking. Now that hes seen how nasty we can

Now that weve fucked and beaten straight cunt Ryan were goin

We first met hetero Marc a year ago and since then hes given

Its been some time since weve seen feisty young Bobby, but h

Proud straight bastard Joe is disgusted by pervy homo hands

Wearing nothing but a pair of footy shorts and sporty cleats

While Adrian and Dave get turned on reminiscing about some o

Joe is a hard arsed hetero accustomed to using his power and

Proud businessman Jozef is accustomed to striding down the s

Builders are famous for catcalling chicks who pass by constr

Weve got tough security guard Vincent roped down naked on al

Tied down naked has changed Miles demeanour completely. Hes

Thieving hetero Joseph might not own a lot, but he does have

Hot hetero fucker James is a useless layabout so its about t

Now that Toby is back and has grown into a full proper man,

Its common to see aimless scally lads slouching about in doo

Martin is furious about being tied up naked and fights with

In this exclusive ground breaking video we tested the mettle

Hot tattooed builder Gareth is strapped naked to our discipl

Hetero James is in a total fucking panic! Hes stark naked an

Ryans day doesnt improve as he is stripped naked, bound and

Hetero James is in a total fucking panic! Hes stark naked an

Naive straight bumpkin Ryan arrives fresh in the city and do

Since Tobys return hes become very popular. We cant get enou

Adrian knows hetero Gareths sort. He struts around with his

Proud sporty man Killian is trapped in the most hellish posi

Bound with his legs akimbo sporty hot straight bastard Garet

There is something about a melodic Irish accent coming out o

Hetero Gareth is one confident angry fucker. Hes so certain

Straight boy Charlie is in a truly sorry and overwhelmingly

Weve broken in feisty hetero Killian and now we want to inst

Sexy young straight prick Charlie is strung up naked in a ve

Look at how far this dumb straight cunt has fallen! Sprawled

Eager young professional Charlie spends all his time on dati

Athletic hetero Killian likes ball games, right! We want to

Its a sweltering hot day in the city! Not only does the heat

When Charlie first walked in here looking for a job he was a

Dave is relishing that he now has total control of newly cap

Adrian has arranged a treat for his mate Dave. Straight boy

Workmen are such fucking teases! Coming into our office in t

Paolo is looking cocky and confident standing about shirtles

Its been a long time since weve seen Toby but we never forge

This manly hetero workman cant tease us any more by letting

This straight lad is so stupid that he doesnt realise by str

This hetero pricks problem is that his mind is on revenge. H

At BreederFuckers, big muscular stud John is secured down to

One thing that really gets our pricks hard at BreederFuckers

Arent straight boys so much sexier when they are overcome wi

At BreederFuckers, weve been dreaming about handsome stallio

What we have here is a proud black straight athletic stud sy

Many pop stars have sung about their lust for a skater boi.

Weve been coveting Will for so long its overwhelmingly excit

Handsome blue-eyed jock John needs to be humbled. Being rope

At BreederFuckers, when not capturing and tormenting straigh

Who hasnt hung around the locker room waiting to get a glimp

At BreederFuckers, its time this layabout Ross starts to ear

At BreederFuckers, Will is a perfect male specimen at his se

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